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World Championships Representation.

  1. 2023 World Championships, Belgrade, Serbia.   Daire Lynch at bow    in  M2X+. Result .. Bronze. (Boat qualified for Paris 2024 Olympics)

  2. 2020 World U23 Championships , Florida USA. Daire Lynch at 2    in  M4+. Result .. 8th

  3. 2016   (Rotterdam).  Daire Lynch in Stroke of Mens Junior Double Scull. Result ..   8th.

  4. 1980 (Hazelwinkel) Paul McGrath in the JM2+
    Result .. 12th.

World Champs 2023 M2X

Daire Lynch and Philip Doyle, Bronze medalists in the Men's 2X 2023

2016 Worlds, Rotterdam.

After the event mingling 2016

2016 Worlds

Brian Lynch pictured with Gray O'Donovan, 2016

2016 Worlds

JM2X in B final, Daire Lynch in Stroke.

2016 Worlds

Niall & Joanna Lynch

Worlds 2016

Oisin & Ordhann McGrath

WRU23 Champs Sarasota 2019

MU234+, Daire Lynch in 3 seat

2016 Worlds

JM2X B Final, 8th

2016 Worlds

Irish Supportors with team

1980 Junior worlds

Paul McGrath in bow

1980 Junior Worlds

Paul McGrath in bow

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